You Can Sleep Better

Lying awake at night and wishing you could sleep better or even just get to sleep in the first place, is just so frustrating.

Just as you drop off to sleep, something jolts you awake. Or you manage to get to sleep and then wake up incredibly early and no matter what you do, you just can't get back to sleep. Or maybe you haven't even managed to sleep at all, yet you are absolutely exhausted and your eyes are prickling, but your brain will just not shut off and allow you to relax into a deep soothing sleep.

Woman with head under pillow

Many people say to me

"Oh I'm just not a good sleeper" or

"I'll never be able to sleep better but that is just how I am" or

"I've just learned to accept that I sleep badly".

Does this sound like you?

Think about it. As a newborn baby, we slept a lot as that was all we knew. Feeding and eating were comforting and helped us to grow. As we got older, we became more active and our sleep needs reduced but our bodies still needed a set amount of sleep. But as a small child, how did we know when to sleep and when not to? We either slept when we were tired or when our parents told us to go to bed.

A good bedtime routine when you were a child may have involved dinner, a fun bath time followed by some quiet time such as a story and then you were tucked snugly and warm in bed in a quiet room where you felt safe. 

Chances are that if a child doesn't have a consistent and appropriate bedtime routine or if they are going to bed excited and wound up, then they wont' sleep. And guess what, this applies to adults too.

You might be thinking that your insomnia problems as an adult have been going on for so long, that there is nothing that you can do about them. Well you're wrong.

The majority of insomnia problems can be solved. You CAN sleep better.

Many people jump on the band wagon of taking sleeping pills. These are not a cure though. They are like putting on a band-aid. The really issue of why you can't sleep will still be there. So the aim of this website is to help you find out those issues and to fix them so that you can have a 'good nights sleep' EVERY NIGHT.

Who am I? My name is Nicole and my interest in sleep started when I was a nurse and I spent many a night shift seeing patients up and down all night and then going home and trying to sleep myself. I've also been through 'new baby' sleep deprivation (three times), struggled my way though frequent long haul night flights, and have many, many friends and relatives who feel they could do with some help with their sleep.

1 in 4 of us would like to sleep better and of those, 1 in 3 people feel that their lack of sleep is affecting their work, their social life, their family, in fact every part of their life.

So now it's time to do something about it.

We spend one third of our adult lives asleep so it is a hugely important part of our lives and therefore you shouldn't just accept that you will never sleep well but instead do something about it and make some changes to make sure you sleep better.

Sleep Better - First steps to a good nights sleep

Before you start to tackle your sleep issues, I think it is good to understand why sleep is important , what is a normal sleep pattern and  how much more sleep you really need.

After that you can start looking at your individual issues and I will show you ways and methods to help you and which don't involve sleeping pills.

Sometimes it's the smallest change that can make the biggest difference and sometimes people find out that sleep isn't the main problem at all.

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